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  • Organic & Natural

    Organic products are made using environmentally and animal-friendly farming methods that keep the use of pesticides to a minimum. Natural products are free from artificial ingredients.
  • Animal Friendly

    Animal-friendly products put animal welfare first. Products in this category are certified vegan, vegetarian and/or cruelty-free.
  • Fair Trade

    Fair trade products support the principle of ethical trading: better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the third world.
  • Charity & Ethical

    Products under this banner are those where all or some of the total profit goes towards good causes. The types of causes varies, from fundraising for cancer charities to building schools in the third world.
  • Eco-Friendly

    Eco-friendly or 'green' products aim to reduce negative impact on the environment, people and animals.
  • Other Ethical Products

    Are we missing something? Drop us an email to suggest a new category!

About EthiShop

We're here to help you find products that align by your ethical priorities by providing a one-stop directory of fashion, food, homeware and more. 

Unlike most retail outlets, we don’t sell products directly—instead we promote our favourite ethical producers and drive traffic to their websites, giving them the opportunity to foster relationships with ethically-conscious shoppers like you!

Use the search above to find ethical alternatives to products you use and love. Care about fair trade, but not so concerned about organic? Use the ethical icons at the top right of the website to filter your results!


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